[Coco] CoCoFEST! 2018 -- Call for Presentations!

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Sun Dec 10 15:23:35 EST 2017

April is just around the corner, and CoCoFEST! 2018 will be here before
you know it. Of course, you are attending. Perhaps you will even be
a vendor or have an exhibit.  But what are you going to present?

People attend CoCoFEST! for all sorts of reasons. High on the list
has to be finding-out what all the other CoCoNuts have been doing
over the past year and what cool new projects and activities are
underway in the CoCo world. We would love to hear about your current
or recent projects, products, or activities related to the CoCo.
So, who will volunteer first?

Please send your speaking proposal to me. Please describe the topic
of your presentation and the intended audience. Please also include
a picture of you that can be used on the CoCoFEST! web site. If you
have any particularly scheduling preference (e.g. Saturday afternoon,
Sunday morning, etc) then please indicate that as well.

Please make your presentation proposals ASAP. We usually can accomodate
everyone, but once the schedule fills there is only so much that can
be done... :-)


John W. Linville		Someday the world will need a hero, and you
linville at tuxdriver.com			might be all we have.  Be ready.

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