[Coco] msg from John Turner this morning

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Sat Aug 26 09:40:26 EDT 2017

Do any of you recall a prolific young coco hardware designer, named John 
Turner Jr. or some such from 5 years or so ago?

I got a PM from his dad this  morning, containing links to a lot of young 
Johns work that I could pull from 1drv.

"A long time ago (well 5 years-ish) my son left home. He left a bunch of 
files with me and I promised to upload them as fully open source 
hardware. That was 5 years ago and I'm just getting around to it. There 
are thousands of files comprising hundreds of designs. Attached via 
OneDrive are the first few that I've gotten together and added an 
completely open hardware license to them. Feel free to do whatever you 
wish with them. I have uploaded them to maltedmedia and cocoarchive... 
anyone can use them, build them, improve them, make and sell them, etc. 
They are free to all. If you decide to download them let me know when 
you've done so and i'll delete them from onedrive. feel free to host 
them on your site or ignore them completely 😊I hope within the next 
several months to be able to prepare and share everything he left on 
these external drives when he took off with michelle... yeah - he met a 
woman and poof he was gone... I honestly don't understand half this 
stuff - you were on a list that he wished for me to send the files - it 
was a short list - you and maltedmedia - but i found the cocoarchive so 
i put them there to. i don't know when i'll get back around to uploading 
more or even checking this email again, but i do intend to upload 
everyone of the hundreds of designs he left before years end."

So there it is.

So I have done that, made a JohnTurner-1drv-dump directory in the 
Genes-os9-stf link on my web page, and moved them all (I hope I got them 
all) to there for your downloading pleasure.  They have also been posted 
to the cocoarchive, and to maltedmedia. So I am not the single src for 


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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