[Coco] The Hobbit for Dragon64 - CoCo2 and CoCo3 Drivewire

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Hi John Mark,
unfortunately I cannot test this case but as the Hobbit
requires the whole 64k for it to run, it is best to start it 
from a clean system, I mean with a DOS that is no 
greater than 8k ($C000-$DFFF) because Hobbit uses 
from $E000 to $FEE3 to contain data.

I have found a bug that prevents the Hobbit to run under 
a different DOS with respect the one the CoCo was started.
For instance, if I start my CoCo3 with RS-DOS and then I
load the HDBDW3CC3 to enable drivewire, the Hobbit
will have problems loading files and returning to the Basic
This happens because the program issues a clr $ffde in order
to disable the SuperExtendedBasic as this area is Hobbit's
data structures and so it reverts to the DOS that exists in ROM,
in my case RS-DOS so the 'read' is directed to the floppies 
instead of being sent to drivewire!

I have fixed that, but I am still testing it on as many 
configurations as I can ... hardware, emulators, floppies, SDC, 
Drivewire, Becker port.
Hopefully I will upload another 'last version' on Sunday night.
This 'update' is not mandatory for Tano/Dragon nor for
configurations that don't change DOS, for instance CoCo-SDC.
Only on floppy systems where you have a not DW D.O.S. 
it is needed to use that new version.


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OK.  I was having trouble running the Hobbit.
If I reset VCC and then run the Hobbit then it works.
If I run autoexec and Logicall then I can not run the Hobbit.

John Mark Mobley


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