[Coco] The Hobbit for Dragon64 - CoCo2 and CoCo3 Drivewire

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 11:25:12 EDT 2016

Hi John,
I added the basic program so that anyone could have a look
at the images of all of the Locations that can be seen on the game.

So, these images you see are ALL the used, by now, by the game.
I am not sure but maybe I could get seven more, but ...
At that point of the project this will not change that much.


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I have just run the Hobbit.
I found a file "DEMOGFX.BAS".
I see a lot of nice pictures.
It that what I am supposed to see.
Is there a game aspect to it?
Is there more to come?

John Mark Mobley

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