[Coco] CocoNIC

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Sat Sep 24 15:37:23 EDT 2016


  * Brett's testing uncovered a 16 bit read bug, which I have diagnosed
    and fixed.  8 bit is working, though, so Brett is moving forward
    with development.  John, I need to reflash your card sometime.
      o For everyone's reference, to convert from 65/68XX signalling to
        Intel/ISA, here are the equations:
          + assign _iow =              !(ce_nic & !r_w & e);
          + assign _ior =              !(ce_nic & r_w & e);
          + gating with E is important on both read and write
  * I added code to soft-hide/unhide NIC from address space :-) (Barry
    Nelson's idea, for the CocoFlash, but I added it here as well)
  * I added Verilog to allow soft base address relocation.
  * I added a config item to allow 2 NIC cards in one system (router,
    anyone) :-)
      o Don't fret, it cost me no macrocells to add this.


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