[Coco] F9DASM - 6800/6801/6802/6803/6808/6809 / 6301/6303/6309 Disassembler

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sat Sep 24 15:05:23 EDT 2016

You could use dd to strip off the first 5 bytes of the file. Linux and Mac already have dd, and here is a copy for Windows:


You can strip of the header of a Color Computer bin file like this:

dd bs=5 skip=1 if=yourfile.bin of=yourfile.raw

> Mark McDougall msmcdoug at iinet.net.au 
> Sat Sep 24 08:10:25 EDT 2016
> On 24/09/2016 3:03 AM, John W. Linville wrote:
> > Yet another potential enhancement that could be made to the tool and
> > sent as a patch to github -- support for DECB binaries! Dragon DOS
> > binaries, and CAS files (same for CoCo, Dragon, and MC-10!) seem like
> > good candidates as well... :-)
> Until then, load 'em up into MESS with -debug and dump the appropriate 
> memory range into a binary and dissemble from there...

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