[Coco] F9DASM - 6800/6801/6802/6803/6808/6809 / 6301/6303/6309 Disassembler

John W. Linville linville at tuxdriver.com
Fri Sep 23 10:01:52 EDT 2016

For those who are interested in disassembling code but have grown
accustomed to using tools on modern machines, I recommend a look
at f9dasm:


>From the documentation:

"Based on Arto Salmi's C core that can be found
somewhere on the 'net (last address known to me was
http://koti.mbnet.fi/~atjs/mc6809/Disassembler/dasm09.TGZ), I built
a complete 6800/6809/6309 disassembler that can handle input files
in a variety of formats (Intel Hex / Motorola S09 / Flex9 Binary /
Binary). Since disassembly without guidance produces measly results,
it can load information files with quite a lot of directives, too.

I taylored the original to my taste by working through the source code;
since F9DASM has reached a level of complexity that doesn't really
lend itself to following the "Use the Source, Luke!" principle if
you just want to disassemble a little 6809 program, I've added this
documentation. Have fun!

Hermann Seib, 2015"

While it has some support for Flex9, at present it does lack support
for OS-9 system call disassembly.  If you want/need that, then I
encourage you to "use the source" and contribute the changes back
through github. It has some other imperfections, including leaving-out
some symbols occasionally. A few manual fixups gets you by those. Feel
free to contribut back a bug fix for that too, if you find it!

I've been using it on a side project, and I find it to be nice to
use. It is cool that it understands 6800 (and derivative) binaries
as well, for the MC-10 crowd. :-)


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