[Coco] The Hobbit now goes Drivewire (CoCo and Dragon)

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 16:16:07 EDT 2016

- Dragon users:
we wanted to be able to run the Hobbit even from Drivewire.
That forces some changes. HDB-DOS has to be used and the
discs will be 160k.
The standard version (not DW) has no changes, so you could
still use the v16f8 without problems

- CoCo users
Since I uploaded last version (v16f8) I have been figthing
against drivewire. CoCoFPGA Users said it doesn't work and
that's true!

By using old/dirty debug-trace techiques I could finally reduce
the problem to a small section and found that $76-77, that I
use to save the pseudo register-IY, is used too by Drivewire.
Once I have moved regIY to another place ... everything works

You can find all of the info about the project and download the VDK on these 
Note: The web is in spanish language.

You could find info for users and download the two DSK in these threads at 
worldOfDragon web

pere serrat

Ps. I hope some CoCoFPGA project users could give feedback about that 
version ...

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