[Coco] Profiling emulator?

Richard Goedeken Richard at fascinationsoftware.com
Wed Sep 14 01:43:22 EDT 2016

Wine does run under OSX as well as Linux, so it will get the job done.  But it
is a bit of a hack.  I've been writing cross-platform applications for over 10
years so this is an area of expertise for me.  I would say that if you really
want to get it done right, you should migrate all of the directX stuff to
opengl.  I don't know how big of a job this is, because I haven't looked at
the VCC source code.  It could be fairly easy or it could be a lot of work, it
just depends on the details.  I doubt that it would be much more work than
moving the rest of the GUI from MFC/Win32 to Qt.  I would expect that VCC is
not using complicated pixel shaders, and it's not even rendering things in 3D
and doing transformations and lighting and everything for which these
frameworks are designed.  It's probably doing most of the rendering into a
host frame buffer and then rendering it into the window.  Most of the code to
port will be the housekeeping stuff; managing the window, creating textures,
etc.  Not a big deal.


On 09/13/2016 10:27 PM, Mark McDougall wrote:
> On 14/09/2016 2:27 PM, Barry Nelson wrote:
>> Again, rather than QT, I suggest leaving all the Direct X stuff untouched
>> and using Wine Lib. This will also fix most of the other windows
>> dependencies.
> Aside from being outside my area of expertise, it's not my project and
> therefore not my call.
> Would that facilitate running on MacOS as well?
> The whole cross-platform thing is a bit of a minefield. I dabbled with SDL
> briefly but couldn't get the architecture of an existing project to bend
> enough into the SDL framework. Or perhaps it was merely my inexperience.
> WxWidgets looked promising, but there were annoying little 'features' and
> also bugs in the app that couldn't be explained by anything outside the Wx
> library (bad worker blames his tools?)
> Having said that, there are projects out there that seem to do this fairly
> successfully. But I wonder if the software in these cases was designed from
> the ground-up from an experienced developer with this in mind so as to avoid
> 'wrong' design decisions?
> Regards,

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