[Coco] Glenside IDE + Multi-Pak + HDB-DOS

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Mon Sep 12 00:58:02 EDT 2016

On 9/11/2016 11:41 PM, Barry Nelson wrote:
> If you are using a Y-cable and not a Multipak, the Floppy controller mirrors its addresses from FF40-FF4F to FF50-FF5F so you would want to use FF70-FF7F for the Glenside IDE controller. I don't think I would want one of these contraptions connected to my CoCo without adding some additional address decode patches to eliminate some of the conflicts. Since the Glenside IDE only needs FF70-FF77 or FF50-FF57, I would first add circuit to disable the cards I/O for addresses FFx8-FFxF. Since the card as currently designed additionally does not fully honor the Multipak select lines, I would either fix it so it did and update the drivers as appropriate, or at a minimum definitely support at least the two address options. Otherwise that ugly hack is not getting ANYWHERE NEAR my CoCo 3!
I think the Glenside IDE (and all the IDEs) need 9 addresses.  0-7 for 
the regular IDE registers and one more for the top 8 bits of the 16 bit 
data register.


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