[Coco] IDE interface for coco? :)

Walter Miraglia walter.miraglia at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 10:39:07 EDT 2016

okie doke, thanks.

...I think we cross at niagra falls, but now sure,  Josh will be driving
for the most part. :)
i will be bringing my GPS so we might just go with that. :)

I'm so glad you are loving the Vectrex. :) it's what i really wanted,
someone who would enjoy it for what it was, not what it's worth... lol :)

I have to say I'm tempted to sell the A1200 i had my fun with it. :)  it's
loaded with games,  i just have to give it some thought. :)  I could not
let it go for less than $550.00 because with the ram expansion on it,  it's
about what I paid... 3 years ago...

So most likely ~$600.00   it is PAL eh... :) But most of the good games
requires pal :) I sold my other 1200 for $450.00 about 2 years ago, and it
had no upgrades and no compact flash ide interface loaded... :)
or original disk :) i have a good joy stick to go with it... lol... :)  let
me give it some thought. :)

On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 10:12 AM, Neil Blanchard <
neil at neilscomputerservice.com> wrote:

> Hi Walter,
> Hmmm... Jim might have a Glenside IDE interface he could part with. There
> hasn't been to much in the IDE front since the CoCoSDC arrival and Cloud 9
> stopped producing the SuperIDE. Apparently when the SuperBoard is released
> from Cloud 9 it will have IDE built in.
> On another platform topic - keep me in mind if you ever want to sell your
> UK Amiga 1200. I remember you mentioning it awhile back. I'm interested in
> that and not for resale purposes either! I want to enjoy and keep it. Btw
> I'm really enjoying the Vectrex still. I actually have it setup in the
> bedroom :)
> See you at VCFMW, can't wait - it's going to be a great weekend. Do you
> guys crossover at the Sarnia boarder?
> -Neil
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> Subject: [Coco] IDE interface for coco? :)
> hi there I will be at VCF Midwest this weekend, wondering if anyone has any
> IDE interfaces for sale that might be at the show. :)   I'm thinking of
> getting one.   I have a coco sdc as well, but an IDE interface might be
> cool as well. :)
> cheers. :)
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