[Coco] Early CoCo Floppy Drives with Big Door Latch Release Lever

George Ramsower georgera at gvtc.com
Sat Sep 3 23:40:41 EDT 2016

  Back then, I began with those old drives. When I went to OS9, I began 
playing with 40 track and double sided. The drives I had would NOT do 
double sided and I couldn't get but a couple more tracks from them. 
Finally, I got some drives that would work as DS 80Track and I was a 
happy camper after that. Those were the good old days of early computing.

  I loved those days and I DON'T miss them a bit

George R.

On 09/03/2016 09:15 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 03 September 2016 19:43:43 Mark J. Blair wrote:
>> So, about those early CoCo drives that had the big lever on the front
>> to unlatch the door:
>> picture: https://twitter.com/nf6x/status/772196177919877124
>> Were those drive bezels used on any other computer systems, or were
>> they designed and made exclusively for the CoCo?
> Those were Tandon drives with shack labels & they AFAIK, were all DS 40
> or DS80 track drives. 35 track SS when on the end of a stock coco drive
> cable. Fill in the missing teeth, and they are instantly usable when
> running OS-9, with the correct drive descriptor.  I wore out 2 of the 80
> track versions but it took me over a decade to the first failure.  Good
> old drives, them is.
>> --
>> Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at nf6x.net>
>> http://www.nf6x.net/
> Cheers, Gene Heskett

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