[Coco] The Hobbit for Dragon64 - CoCo2 and CoCo3 Drivewire

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:35:56 EDT 2016

I read that there were problems executing the game via drivewire.
I tested in XRoar-Becker and VCC-Becker and had some issues too.
So I have done some small changes for the CoCo machine.

To play the game:
- on CoCo2 issue: LOADM"H1X":EXEC
- on CoCo3 you can use the exe versions
    H1X for normal speed (0,89MHz)
    H2X for double speed (1,78MHz)
    HIMG for normal speed, but loading locations at 2x

Much to my surprise, my CoCo3 with floppies and with CoCo-SDC
works always perfectly at double speed too!

Besides, to make things easier to CoCo users with twin floppies
or with CoCo-SDC, I have added some code so that the program
detects if there is a disk on the 'other' drive and if it is
the case, it will use that drive to search for the images.
That way we avoid the annoying change of disks on the Smaug screen.
Of course if you have only one drive, you can still work as
with previous versions.

As a short help to load/save games:
Once entered the command (LOAD / SAVE), we will see on screen
and this is a 'visual' change for dragon users:
In both cases, the 00 will be replaced by the last numbers we used
in this game session, the same with the drive unit, that NOW appears
at the end of the filename (Drivewire needs it that way)
If you press one of the letters A-B-C-D the drive number will change
to 1-2-3-4
Else, if you press a number, then the units digit will be sent to the
tens digit and the keyed in appears as units digit.
Pressing 3 we will see LOAD SAVGAM03.BIN:0+
Pressing now 2, we would get:  LOAD SAVGAM32.BIN:0+
Using backspace or left arrow, the units digit disappears
and its place is occupied by the old tens digit, that now is zero.
Finally Intro sends the command to the program

You can find all of the info about the project and download the VDK on
these threads at retrowiki web
Note: The web is in spanish language.

You could find info for users and download the two DSK in
these threads at worldOfDragon web

pere serrat 

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