[Coco] Nitros9 Source

Bill Nobel b_nobel at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 1 20:03:45 EDT 2016

Hey all,

I have a question more for the Nitros9 people. I downloaded the latest source for Nitros9 from Sourceforge. I compiled the latest developers build and noticed that GrfDrv is bigger than 8k now. Is it fully working in 16k mode now?. I kew it was being worked on. I need to know as I want to modify it for Roger Taylor's NanoMate board for the extra video modes it supports (like 80x60 text mode) My addition is going to add more to the window select routines for the GIME register setup.

Bill Nobel
b_nobel@<mailto:b_nobel at yuenscanada.com>hotmail.com<http://hotmail.com>

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