[Coco] ColorBASIC under Fuzix

Brett Gordon beretta42 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 20:39:15 EST 2016

"This old gag...again"

I have BASIC 1.2 running as a fuzix process.  Yesterday I hacked out a
proggie 'cbe' that'll load a user supplied ColorBASIC ROM, patches it to
void accesses to hardware, and replaces BASIC's console driver to talk to
stdin and stdout.   The result: microsoft basic in fuzix.  Cool part:
fuzix is still in charge, so you can flip the vt over and do something else
:)   full 32k ram space is afforded to each running BASIC.

If I get the gumption, I'll see if I can load the extended BASIC and DECB
ROMs too.  I should be able to reroute DSKCON to work a normal fuzix file
as a rsdos disk.  And possibly reroute the cassette drivers to a file too:

$ cbe basic.rom -d0 utils.dsk
$ cat myprog.bas | cbe basic.rom > output.txt


Basic's bitmapped graphics stuff wont work until we can share a video
buffer with fuzix somehow.

Cheers, brett

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