[Coco] Largest supported HDD size?

Allen Huffman alsplace at pobox.com
Wed Nov 30 10:59:12 EST 2016

Is the old World of 268 Micros archive somewhere? I'm pretty sure that's where my RGB-DOS articles were published, showing how to use the SyQuest EZ135 with a CoCo (it was the SyQuest version of a ZIP drive - superior on almost all ways, but never caught on). I had a startup menu program that did the POKE banking to use all of the 128MB SyQuest drive as RS-DOS drives.

I guess I need to dig all this stuff out when I get my CoCo hooked back up and post it somewhere. There are definitely more than 256 disks of CoCo RS-DOS software, so a banking solution was needed.

	-- Allen

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