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Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Tue Nov 29 16:07:08 EST 2016

On Tuesday 29 November 2016 15:23:39 Arthur Flexser wrote:

> Ron, it is possible that some versions of Extended ADOS-3 that can be
> found online might contain the SmartWatch driver.  (It was an option;
> some Ext. ADOS-3 disks contained it if it was ordered at the same time
> as Ext. ADOS 3.)  So you might want to look at the individual files in
> versions of Ext. ADOS-3 found online and see if the driver is there.
Art, group;

I should remind everybody that if the coco is using the drivewire server, 
the server is running on a pc that more than likely has an NTP deamon 
running, which means the pc's clock is only  a few microseconds away 
from the sub-microsecond accuracy the NTP servers them selves maintain.

So when the coco boots, the coco's clock is set, and IIRC reset when it 
gets off more than a second or so, by the pc, thru drivewire, which is 
likely on the observatories time. This includes automatic DST switches 
too if your pc is kept up to date.  Totally hands off in the background.

All you need do to keep your whole house on observatory time, is be sure 
the ntp daemon and service is running on your pc.

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