[Coco] 5 1/4" floppy disks

Bill cwgordon at carolina.rr.com
Mon Nov 28 13:03:14 EST 2016

I have over 400 assorted 5¼” loose floppy disks for anyone who wants them
for just the price of shipping. They mostly copies of Coco stuff (lots of
Rainbow on Disk) and other stuff.


I also have a 5¼” & 3½” combo drive left over. It’s a 5¼” TEC FB-501 (180K
SS) and a 3½” Alps Electric mounted in a Tandy FD-501 (26-3131) cabinet and
power supply. It’s untested as a combo, but the 501 was working when I took
it down about a year ago. I’d like $35.00 plus shipping for it.



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