[Coco] Best options for modern video out on CoCo 2

farna at amc-mag.com farna at amc-mag.com
Sat Nov 26 08:16:22 EST 2016

Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2016 14:07:34 -0500
From: Christopher Fox <piperfox74 at gmail.com>

I've been off the list for a while now, but I recall when I dropped off the
radar, there were some projects in progress to provide updated video out on
a CoCo 2: perhaps composite or VGA, but definitely something other than the
built-in RF out.

Are there updates? Anything ready to buy? I've got a 26-3127 I'd like to
get into operation!


For a CoCo 2 the best option is probably a composite output. There are
several plans for adding composite output. I may have one in "Tandy's
Little Wonder", but I know there is one in Tony DiStefano's "Full Turn of
the Screw" (a collection of articles from Rainbow magazine tech columns -
"A Turn of the Screw" -- written by Tony). There are a lot of TVs and
small monitors made for mobile DVD play that have composite input. I'd say
that a coax cable with an adapter for the RCA plug over the RF is just as
good, but with the RF inputs being digital on modern TVs I don't think
that will work.

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