[Coco] Working on Coco Files

Gene Heskett gheskett at shentel.net
Fri Nov 25 13:43:08 EST 2016

On Friday 25 November 2016 12:37:20 Bill wrote:

> I have EVERYTHING Coco saved on DVD. That's as safe as I can get it.

Against everything but time, Bill. I would copy it to fresh media about 
every 2 years.  I reached for a 4yo disk because I knew it had something 
on it I wanted to use with a newer install, and k3b couldn't find a disk 
in the drive. Another disk a bit newer, read just fine.  And I got 
lucky, a copy of that script I wrote ages ago was on it.  Else I would 
have had to reinvent that wheel all over again.

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> Please please please tell me these files are going to be safe
> somewhere.
> I hope all CoCo software is saved.

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