[Coco] Midi and synther

Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Fri Nov 18 15:13:25 EST 2016

Michael, what kind of synth do you have?
Older synths are not "General Midi" compatible and harder to write for, where as newer synths provide "General Midi" sounds and make things nmuch easier.
To write any MIDI program, one must know the specific MIDI implementation for that particular keyboard (if not General Midi).
Both Lyra and Ultimuse3 cover all this in their user MIDI settings, Ultimuse3 being the more versatile of the two.

To be honest, I don't know why one would want to play from the Coco keyboard, being limited to single note, 2 octave (at the most using all 4 rows) and no velocity info, when they can just play the MIDI keyboard instead.... unless you're using a keyless MIDI module.



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