[Coco] Coco2 and cassette .wav files

Melanie and John Mark Mobley johnmarkmelanie at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 23:35:52 EST 2016

To save a file to cassette tape / audio it is best to slow the clock speed
of the TRS-80 / Tandy Color Computer to normal speed.
One way to determine the clock speed is to look at how fast the cursor is
There are two pokes I know of to change the clock speed.  I call them the
fast poke and the slow poke.
poke 65497,0:rem fast poke
poke 65496,0:rem slow poke

poke address,data
In this case the address is important but the data can be any value from
Writing any data value to the address will change the clock speed.

Most if not all drivewire commands will double the clock speed.

If you want to play an action game and want it to run at normal speed then
you may want to try something like this:
10 loadm "packman.bin"
20 poke 65496,0:rem turbo mode off
30 exec
save "packman.bas",a

John Mark Mobley

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