[Coco] How Many OR90s can be utilized?

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Sat Nov 12 10:08:03 EST 2016

1) ORC90s are not controlled by the SCS line as their default address is not within the SCS range, so their address would conflict, even with a multi-pak.
2) No software has been written to use an ORC90 at any alternate address.
3) What would you do with it?

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> Sat Nov 12 00:48:05 EST 2016
> Is it possible to (or does software exist to ) utilize more than Orch 90 
> device in a single system?
> Yes, I know it'd put a significant strain on the system, but I am 
> wondering if it is practical
> (Trying to decide if I should support the capability for two CocoFLASH 
> units in a single system with Orch90 support on each card.)
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