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I'm Eric Nelson and just acquired my very first Color Computer 2. I 
haven't touched a Color Computer since Jr. High when we set up our very 
first computer lab and it had a TRS-80 Model III and an original Color 
Computer. A few months ago I did find a portable Model 102 and have been 
enjoying that.

I was delighted that this particular Coco2 was in GREAT condition and 
only $5. Just needed some clean up on the case. I did some research and 
found the Coco SDC device and ordered one from Zippster. It has already 
arrived. A case for it is on its way. I also found a Tandy Joystick 
online which is on its way.

I've been into collecting old computers for almost a decade now and have 
a large collection. Mainly Commodore systems, a ZX Spectrum +2, TI-99, 
Atari 800xl, and quite a few others. I'm also into FPGA replication 
using a MiST.

I've been reading the list and learning as much as I can -- I am sure I 
will have quite a few questions in the coming months.

Thanks! - Eric (@duhproject on Twitter)==============================================
Eric, you will find a lot of answers from a book I compiled years ago, "Tandy's Little Wonder". Has a history and lots of technical information, including a users guide, repair info, etc. You can find it at:ftp://maltedmedia.com/coco/BOOKS/Tandy's%20Little%20Wonder/
That is the original version. There is an updated version that unfortunately got deleted in the reorganizing of the archive at Malted Media. Not much new info, just an updated "Sources" section and the old advertisements were removed since none of the products are available any more, at least not from the original sources. 

The 2006 updated version can be found at:TRS-80 Color Computer Archive

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TRS-80 Color Computer Archive
 TRS-80 Color Computer Archive  |   |




If someone would like to add the update back to Malted Media, maybe change the file name (it was just TLW2.pdf... probably why it got deleted.. someone probably assumed it was a copy), go ahead. The schematics did not translate well to PDF from the originals. When someone scanned the first edition they scanned from the original PageMaker files and saved the schematics and such as TIF files that can be read if needed in the SOURCES folder at Malted Media. I suggest you get the schematics if you might want them later. Better to just download the Tandy repair manual (also on MM, and I think CoCo Archive), but there may be a couple schematics in TLW that aren't anywhere else. 
 Frank Swygert
 Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service

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