[Coco] Color4th ?

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 17:58:26 EST 2016

On Sun Nov 6, 2016, Stephen Pereira wrote:

I’m going to ask my question again:
> Does anyone know where to go to find where COLOR4TH.BIN or COLORFORTH by
> Armadillo Int’l Software may be stored?

I have it!. Have just sent the ZIP file to the Archive caretaker for
publication on the site.

Was playing with the SDC and the new "explorer" when I launched the Forth
disk I found in there, saw it was ColorForth version 2.0 by Armadillo
International Software (1983). Didn't do much than play with some basic
stacl operations lacking the manual for this particular environment... saw
your message come about and did a double check and here we are. I must have
downloaded it from some site, can't remember where or even when - the
Archive has a few options on Forth environments but is/was missing this one
from Armadillo.

If you can't wait until it is posted on the Archive I can send you the zip
file - again, I have no documentation for this and have been looking around
to no avail...

-- RP

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