[Coco] Intro

Eric Nelson ericrnelson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 16:10:51 EST 2016


I'm Eric Nelson and just acquired my very first Color Computer 2. I 
haven't touched a Color Computer since Jr. High when we set up our very 
first computer lab and it had a TRS-80 Model III and an original Color 
Computer. A few months ago I did find a portable Model 102 and have been 
enjoying that.

I was delighted that this particular Coco2 was in GREAT condition and 
only $5. Just needed some clean up on the case. I did some research and 
found the Coco SDC device and ordered one from Zippster. It has already 
arrived. A case for it is on its way. I also found a Tandy Joystick 
online which is on its way.

I've been into collecting old computers for almost a decade now and have 
a large collection. Mainly Commodore systems, a ZX Spectrum +2, TI-99, 
Atari 800xl, and quite a few others. I'm also into FPGA replication 
using a MiST.

I've been reading the list and learning as much as I can -- I am sure I 
will have quite a few questions in the coming months.

Thanks! - Eric (@duhproject on Twitter)

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