[Coco] Coco SDC Explorer 0.21

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 14:36:37 EDT 2016

Hi Brett,

there is no way to mount the second drive right now but it shouldn't be too 
hard to add a command to switch between drive 0 and drive 1. I'll look at 
that for a future version!


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> Guillaume,
> Cool beans!  I was going to put something like this on my "probably should
> be done" list after hacking out the podcast player.  Looks like I don't
> have to worry about it now! :) Now I can't wait to get home (in a couple
> weeks) to play around with this.  I really like Louis's sidekick.  Say: is
> there a way to mount the second drive's as well?  For instance, when I 
> boot
> Fuzix via SDC, I mount a boot disk as drive 0, and the fuzix root file
> system in drive 1.
> brett
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