[Coco] Coco SDC Explorer 0.21

Guillaume Major guillaume.major at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 20:56:16 EDT 2016

Coco SDC Explorer is now available for download!

I was tired of waiting for someone to come up with a GUI for the Coco SDC so 
I decided to write one myself. I thought that the easiest way to get started 
is by modifying an existing application to adapt it for the Coco SDC. 
SideKick by Luis Antoniosi was a perfect candidate. He kindly gave me 
permission to use SideKick's design and source code to develop my 

SDCX is a file browser for the Coco SDC. It is compatible with the Coco 1, 2 
and 3 and requires 32K.


- display content of the SD card
- create, rename and delete disk images and folders
- mount directories for multi-disks programs
- launch ML and BASIC programs
- detect and boot OS-9 disks
- fast disk selection by the first 4 letters
- sorted SDC directory listing

Command Summary:

SHIFT-C: create disk
SHIFT-K: create directory
SHIFT-R: rename disk or directory
SHIFT-X: delete disk or directroy
SHIFT-M: mount directory (multi-disks programs)
SHIFT-F: refresh directory
SHIFT-H: show help

ENTER:   launch program or boot disk
BREAK:   quit

Navigational keys:

LEFT/RIGHT: Switch between windows
SHIFT-UP/DOWN   : Page up/page down
[A-Z][0-9]      : Select next file matching up to 4 characters typed quickly 
(SDC directory only)

Multi-disks programs:

SDCX can mount directories with a disk set to support multi-disks programs.

Press SHIFT-M to mount a directory with a disk set. Files on the first disk
will appear in the right window.

Press SHIFT-F to refresh the directory list after switching disk with the
button on the Coco SDC.


- creates 35 tracks disks only (no SDF yet)
- can only delete empty directories (Coco SDC limitation)
- limit of 512 files per directory

You can download it from the Color Computer Archive: 

I hope you will find this program useful. Please contact me if you find a 
bug or have any suggestions.



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