[Coco] Asking a favor, please add Coco games to thegamesdb.net

Mark Ormond markormond at mtxsystems.com
Thu Mar 31 16:46:52 EDT 2016

Actually coco is supported now. It uses xroar, so no coco3.

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Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 03:05:25 +0000
From: Mark Ormond <markormond at mtxsystems.com>

I'm hoping some people here can help adding their favorite coco games to the gamesdb.net.
I made the platform and added a lot of the Radio Shack Cart games, and would like to see more added.


This site is used to grab metadata for emulator front ends, and I personally use it with retropie on my pi3. Frank Swygert  Fix-It-Frank Handyman Service
Good site for grabbing games! I checked out the RetroPie site too. Good concept, but no support for a CoCo yet. 

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