[Coco] The Lounge is not dead ...Yet

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 31 09:27:47 EDT 2016

Yea, one last spam here on the boards this month to help make the rent (at least I am honest ). If you think the CoCo lounge has been dead of late with not stock, it's because I have been busy with the other lounge. http://amigalounge.com where (as I am unpacking from this move) I am putting "New" inventory up daily. Also, it's not just Amiga stuff, but I have Commodore 64 stuff, Atari 8 bit stuff and lots of "Other". I am preparing a whole bunch of SCSI stuff as we speak for listings there.
If you read the Blogs (which I know we all do) you know I had just moved and things have been devastating the last few months. I hate to ask for donations (because it's like flogging a dead horse), but if you wish to help out make my rent this month, please consider donating a buck or 2. The donation button, along with my NEW address and (old Cell) number is located on the bottom of every page in both the amiga and CoCo lounge websites (donation button is DEAD Center on bottom, just scroll down.
The Amiga lounge is also having a $9.95 sale today, a lot of items are just $9.95 so please Check it out and thanks.

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