[Coco] Tandy CCR-82 belts replacement - my verdict...

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So we have it easily searchable for the future, what were the final three sizes that you ended up using?


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Check out [http://imgur.com/gallery/60hZPZY/] for an image of one of my
repaired CCR-82's with the final belt sizes I went with.

The dimensions I had posted before - as noted - were from the belts as they
were found: old and lose. I had to dive at the belts corner of my "local"
electronics store (Greenbrook Electronics in Greenbrook TWP NJ), I think
not many people go to buy belts these days so it was a somewhat organized
mess, a couple of belts were not even in a bag but looked the size, using a
handy cardboard gauge they have in there I was happy with the finds.

In the end I got belts a quarter of an inch shorter in their internal
circumference than how I measured up the original ones, I would not
recommend going smaller than that as the stretch would probably work
against the intended repair job.

Happy to have both CCR-82s up and running, one of them still has a minor
glitch on the take up reel spindle (on Play mode), most likely a need to
clean up the involved parts, works well in the FFW and REW modes.

Word of caution: If you're using the Service Manual as a guide to open up
the recorder, do not remove the volume control as suggested while lifting
the electronics board, it is not necessary to gain enough maneuvering room
under there to install the new belts, you will need thin tweezers to thread
the drive belt (which goes first under the capstan flywheel into the drive
mechanism), the main belt and counter are easy to replace. I removed the
volume control and pc board underneath it as suggested in the book and
found it was not needed, plus it only added to an aggravating tedious
procedure of putting it back together while keeping the dust shield switch
felts in place... sigh.

-- RP

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