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Bill Pierce ooogalapasooo at aol.com
Sun Mar 20 22:50:59 EDT 2016

Well I finally took the plunge and upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 10. I must say I'm impressed! For once, Microsoft listened to their users and went back to things that worked instead of adding new things that don't work!
The "touch screen" type desktop is gone, the start bar and menu are back, you can actually find things in the menus again, the stupid "pretty rounded corners" are gone, most of the "transparent" stuff is gone.... basically, they took things back to WinXp with better technology (it actually works)!

I have been reluctant to upgrade to win 7 or 8 because having used both on other machines, I disliked their GUI and hated trying to find the settings for things. After hearing about Win 10's "retro" GUI, I wondered if that was my answer. Then I heard all the horror stories of people who crashed their computers and lost data trying to "upgrade" using MS's auto updater (which I hate). So again, I was reluctent to upgrade. Then I did some research...
It seems that in November, MS decided to allow full, fresh installs of Win 10 without "upgrading". Even I know there is a better chance of a good install on a clean install. The option is "sorta" hidden, but it is there if you have the capability of saving and clearing your data, then reinstalling all your software. No, this is not for the weak at heart, nor the software hoarder (as I am).

My only problem was I needed win 7 or 8 to be able to upgrade as win 10 was free only to registered win 7 or 8 users and I was running vista. But thanks to one of our awesome Coco users, I was sent a sealed win 7 disk that solved my problem. I installed win 7, registered it, then downloaded the win 10 iso and burnt a DVD. then installed it as a "new install". Once you install win 10 using the "register later" option, you register win 10 with your win 7 or 8 reg key.
Done... clean install with no "updater" problems.

Microsoft finally did something right, for a change!

So any windows 7 or 8 users not yet using win 10, take the plunge... do it!
When you download the "Media Creation Tool" here:


This utility configures how you want to install win 10 and gives you the option to "install on another computer" which basically translates to "download the DVD"

You have the option to download a DVD ISO of the complete Windows 10 installation instead of the cumbersome "online" update crap, or you can download a USB drive install. The DVD will also do the "upgrade" if you prefer not to lose all your stuff on a complete install, but it's definately faster than the online upgrade. Also, the same DVD can be used on ANY PC with a registered win 7 or 8 OS, so you can upgrade all your PCs with one download!

Now to get all my software installed again LMAO!



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