[Coco] toolshed beta release

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 15:16:16 EDT 2016

On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 6:59 PM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> Tormod. The problem is that you're so intent on questioning the validity of the current method of booting OS9 from hdbdos, that you missed the whole point of the question.
> First, the toolshed decb command WILL produce an RSDOS muti-disk image. No, not the "hacked" (as you call it) dual partition image that almost EVERY nitros9 user still currently using nitros9 is using to boot nitros9, though it will produce this as well, but that's another story for another time.
> It produces an RSDOS disk that contains mutiple disk images in one disk image file. The command is:
> decb dskini yourdisk.vhd -h256
> This command produces a 256 disk image formatted for rsdos (no magic os9 offset, just rsdos).
> The question was... how hard would it be to add a backup command to toolshed's decb that would allow the user to copy an entire disk,

I think this would be very simple. You can see how decb copy is
working, and find most of what you'll need for a "backup" command.

> sector by sector, to one of these disk images. This cannot be done with current toolshed tools. Yes, you can copy it file by file, but that would miss any hidden sectors or in my original intent, the os9 boot track. And toolshed's os9 command will not copy to one of these images.
> For example... If I had a 35trk nitros9 bootdisk that I wanted on virtual disk 255 (created by the above command), there is no way to do this in toolshed.

Already, you can copy your bootdisk disk image to the file system on
virtual disk 255:
 decb dskini yourdisk.vhd -h256
 decb copy nos9boot.dsk yourdisk.vhd,:255
But if you want to have that bootdisk image /replace/ the filesystem
in the virtual disk, I am not sure. I thought it would work with:
 decb copy nos9boot.dsk yourdisk.vhd,@:255
and maybe there is a bug because this fails with error 218 (FAE, file
already exist, I suppose).
That would also have allowed to clone one virtual FS to another:
 decb copy yourdisk.vhd,@:0 yourdisk.vhd,@:255

> As you said, the capability is there in the core code. There's just not a backup command to allow the user to accomplish this.

It might be easier to fix decb copy than to make a new backup command.


> All I try to do is to try and make things simpler for those who want to actually use rsdos & nitros9... not just develope it. But I guess I'm just stupid or something...

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