[Coco] Website update and interest gaging question...

Brian Blake random.rodder at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 09:52:45 EDT 2016

What's up CoCoNutz? If anyone has tried to visit the main tandycoco.com
website during the last week, I'm sure you know is spent a lot of time
offline. I wasn't happy with the template I was using, so I decided to
change it for one that offered me more flexibility in posting content, as
well as content presentation. That said, it's back online for public
comment. There's still a lot of sample data there,  but, I'm working on it
- slowly since I got roped into working at the rodeo this weekend.

Also,  the forum has been updated with the same template as the main site,
so now at least they both look like they're related.

P.S. - if there's interest, and I can get the space, I considered adding a
social plug in for the CMS - think CoCo only Facebook type feature. It will
be a closed social group and could be logged into using existing
credentials  (Facebook or other account). Do I think two social sites for
the CoCo is needed? Not really. I asked this on facebook, but, figured I'd
post this to the mailing list also, some of the folks here who despise
Facebook may show interest as well. I doubt there is much interest, just
figured I'd ask and see...


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