[Coco] CCR-82 Cassette Player - BELTS info

Rogelio Perea os9dude at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 23:37:16 EDT 2016

Finally got a chance to open one of my CCR-82 tape machines, motor spins
(whirr clearly heard) but no action on the capstan nor the well drive
spindles... the bels are done for.

The recorder has three belts in there, the diameters I got were:

Main belt (from motor to capstan flywheel): 68mm / square profile 2mm wide

Drive belt (from capstan flywheel to reels drive): 46mm / square 1.5mm wide

Counter belt: 29mm / square 1mm wide

Tomorrow I am heading to my friendly electronics surplus store where I know
they stock belts, will get a few (usually I take the next size down due to
the belts stretching overtime) and fit test for the better ones on my
CC-82, report on the findings.

-- RP

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