[Coco] IDE interfaces

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Tue Mar 15 14:32:28 EDT 2016

   I looked at ways to support SATA, and implementing a true SATA
   interface is going to drive costs up:

   You need a SATA controller

   You need a uC the handle the  conversion from PATA/IDE commands to SATA

   You need a CPLD, ala CocoSDC, to handle the bus interface to the uC

   There are a few uCs that have an integrated SATA controller, but the
   are not cheap.

   In my opinion, the best way to do this is to continue a PATA interface
   (Glenside IDE controller), and then use a JM20330 IC to build the
   bridge and then stuff a SATA connector on the PCB.

   Of course, such bridges are available on eBay for a few bucks, so one
   could argue that it would be easier to just leave a spot on the PCB to
   put such an adapter and not worry about it.

   Either way, I think the best bet is to continue with the initial
   design, possibly adding an onboard converter to SATA.  (or just use CF,
   which is smaller and easier to get and does not require any external


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