[Coco] Two very special Color Computer live marathons

Steve Strowbridge ogsteviestrow at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 11:37:54 EDT 2016

Hello Color Computer mailing list!

This weekend, not one, but two live events took place in the form of
YouTube live stream broadcast, where Color Computer games were played, and
special guests were with us live via the skype calls to talk about all
things Color Computer including CoCo Fest.

It was an honor and a privilege to have such influential members of the
CoCo community join us and chat for literally hours.

Without trying to sound like some name dropping schmuck, I just want to
give thanks to:

John Linville of the CoCo Crew Podcast and multiple CoCo game and hardware
project fame for showing us a sneak peek at his Farhfall cartridge
production plant and talking about CoCo Fest and more.

Curtis Boyle of the Color Computer Games List website, and original NitrOS9
co-contributor for being along for multiple sessions of gaming and
discussions over the weekend, and for your amazing website with all the
invaluable information you compile and arrange for us.

John Strong of Strong Ware for not only the games you've already provided
us, like Soviet Block and the Gems' but for showing us sneak peeks at
current projects, which I can't wait to purchase at CoCoFest.

Nick Marentes for all the amazing work you've done so far, and for giving
us an extended preview of the amazing game Pop Star Pilot and giving us an
insiders look and listen to the development process, and last, but not

Bill Nobel, Curtis' partner in crime and co-contributor of the original
NitrOS9 project for also joining us, it was a ton of fun talking about the
coco, the history, the games, and the process of making and playing games.

Both sessions are available for replay on YouTube 24/7:

Marathon #3 (afternoon event)

Marathon #4 (evening event)

I am humbled by the talent and generosity of all the amazing people who do
amazing things with our amazing computer!

Long live the CoCo, CoCo Forever, and "Hey, you got your CoCo 3 yet?"

Steve Strowbridge, aka
The Original Gamer Stevie Strow
ogsteviestrow at gmail.com

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