[Coco] Version 0.1.20 of CMOC C-like compiler released

Pierre Sarrazin sarrazip at sarrazip.com
Sat Mar 12 23:24:52 EST 2016

Hi Bill,

Dixit Bill Pierce via Coco (2016-03-11 00:28):
> Pierre, I could possibly be a little help on the OS9 implementation
> of CMOK as I have worked on various parts of the OS9 C compiler
> through the years.

I am open to receiving OS-9 contributions to CMOC, especially to
help someone write a new CoCo app or game. It must be noted that
CMOC does not aim to be a full C compiler, but it does aim to help
people write new, practical programs for the CoCo today.

So I think the best way to contribute would be to try to write a
real OS-9 program with CMOC and to report any obstacles to me.

Thanks for your offer!

Pierre Sarrazin <sarrazip @ sarrazip . com>

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