[Coco] Rainbow magazines for sale

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Mar 12 17:43:17 EST 2016

Hi, I am selling my Rainbow magazines. 3.00 USD for each issue of 
1984-1988 ; 2.50 USD for each issue 1989-1991 ; if you buy more than 20 
issues, rebate of 0.35 USD on each extra issue. I have all from march 1984 
to december 1991, except three : aug-sep 1984 and nov 1986.

All known damage is on the cover pages, almost only on some of the oldest 
issues (back-issues that Falsoft shipped that way) and the newest ones 
(slightly torn around staples). Not anything to worry about. But issues 
might be missing any extra (non-numbered) pages such as the Coco Cat 
calendar, subscription cards, etc.

Payable by Interac or by Paypal. Shipping is done from Montréal, QC.

| Mathieu BOUCHARD ----- téléphone : +1.514.383.3801 ----- Montréal, QC

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