[Coco] DOSPlus50Extender v0.24.04 for Tano-Dragon

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 09:45:35 EST 2016

Hi Tano/Dragon users,
I have updated my DosPlus50 extender to the version 0.25.04
New features:
The drive 1 will be BOOTed if you press SPACE bar
Else it will start AUTOLOAD.DWL (the autoexec.bat equiv. in Drivewire) 
except if you press SHIFT in which case it will start normally (OK prompt)

In the link you will find a zip file that contains a VDK Updater to flash 
a SDC bank if you want to. 
The source code and the other usual files are there too.

The link is:


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