[Coco] Flash updated Dragon DOS into SDC... help!

Pere psergm at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 04:15:10 EST 2016

Hi Rogelio,
If you have my last VDK file (something like "DW42 v0.25.03 
it should be a 184k disk, ready to work an a Dragon.
You don't need to use the CoCo any more to flash a bank for your Dragon.
You could simply copy the VDK in the root of your card using  ashort name, 
instamnce "INSTALLER.VDK"
Then you mount it:
And issue a DIR command to see the VDK contents
There should be a basic program: "UPDBANK.BAS" and the file "UPD2503.BIN"
You run the BAS and choose the desired bank where the program will install
the new extender version ... that's all!

Hope it helps


PS If you don'thave that disk,  drop me an email and I will send it to you


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Got far up as to get the newest Pere release for the Dragon  onto a DSK
image as a BINary file in the virtual disk.

I am using my CoCo 1 setup to attempt and flash the DOS into the SDC. After
changing the jumpers I can see and mount the DSK image from the SDC. I was
about to do the flashing when a reflection about where in memory is the BIN
file being loaded to hit me - this, as far as I know - would be a crucial
bit of information to later issue the proper WRITE command to store the DOS
in the SDC flash memory, bank 7 as I opted to use.

Right now my Dragon use SDC has DOSPlus on bank 4 and SDC DOS on bank 0.

I know the BIN file of the newest DOS is about 14,xxx bytes long (my notes
are upstairs, too long of a trip hoping on just one foot - long story) and
that the file's first two bytes are 'D' and 'K' as a proper DOS would have.
Also known the fact that for regular ML programs there is a way to snoop
out loading and exec addresses but... I have never tried programming a DOS
outside the world of EPROMs.

What would be the proper way to proceed? LOADM the BIN file and then WRITE
to the flash I figure but where would the CoCo load the file into memory to
then properly set the WRITE parameters to flash the image?

-- RP

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