[Coco] CoCo programs from the "Color Computer Disk System" user manual

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Tue Mar 8 15:42:12 EST 2016

Le 2016-03-07 à 19:35:00, Tony Cappellini a écrit :

> Interesting idea Robert, Thanks.
> Does VCC not support pasting source code?

First make sure that the PDF contains the text (the output of an OCR), AND
especially that the text is in the correct order (e.g. if a book or
magazine has multiple columns of text, the OCR and/or the PDF encoder
could be alternating between the columns instead of finishing the 1st
column before going to the 2nd). Then after that, you could paste in a
plain text editor and correct the formatting to fit that of a DECB ASCII
basic file (no blank lines, no spaces before line numbers, etc). Then you
use a converter of newlines to make them CR (aka 0D, aka MacOS Classic).
You save that as .BAS and you use dwtools to put that on a disk image
loadable by your emulator.

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