[Coco] 2016 CoCo Fest, demonstrate CoCo 3 with HDMI?

Michael Rowen mike at borncoco.com
Fri Mar 4 16:16:12 EST 2016

Hi Barry,

I have a small 7" LCD that accepts HDMI as well as composite & VGA. I can bring it along to the FEST. There are no monitors with the facility in Lombard. I actually have the same converter but haven't built the cable yet.

-Mike Rowen

Barry Nelson <barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com> wrote:

>I may be attending the CoCo Fest this April. It is quite a trip for me as I live in Florida. If I do attend, I am curious if anyone else might bring a monitor with a HDMI input or if the place where the meeting is going to be might have one, as it would be difficult for me to bring even a small one on the plane. I can bring the cable I designed to convert the CoCo 3's RGB output to SCART, and the SCART to HDMI converter that I use to the show. I am hoping I might be able to demonstrate it at the show.
>This project will describe how to create a SCART video cable for a Tandy Color Computer 3. SCART is a European video interface standard. In my case I use a SCART to HDMI interface to allow my Color Computer 3 to display on my modern wide screen TV.
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