[Coco] upcoming NitrOS-9 release

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Thu Mar 3 22:33:15 EST 2016

I hate when I forget to change the subject line.

Instead of , or in addition to sdir and sdrive, could we include my sdc command? It does everything sdrive and sdir do, and then some.


Help entry

Usage: sdc [0|1] [-|SDC command]

The 0 or 1 parameter is optional and defaults to 0.
It indicates the SDC device number.

The SDC commands are string formated as follows:

"-"           - list mounted images
"M:filename"  - mount an image
"N:filename"  - create an image
"D:dirname"   - change directory
"L:dirname"   - print directory
"K:dirname"   - make a directory
"X:name"      - delete a file or directory

If no letter and colon are entered, L: is added to list a directory.

The SDC hardware also supports a Rename command (R:), however this command is
NOT supported by this program at this time.

> Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com 
> Thu Mar 3 16:53:33 EST 2016
> Hello all NitrOS-9 developers and fans,
> A number of fixes and new features have trickled into NitrOS-9 since
> the last 3.3.0 release, and I would like to prepare for 3.3.1 soon.
> >From the changelog file in the repo:
> - Level 1 6309 support (Robert Gault, Tormod Volden)
> - Native CoCoSDC boot module (Darren Atkinson)
> - sdir and sdrive tools for CoCoSDC (Tim Lindner)
> - rbsuper descriptor fix (Christopher Hawks)
> - cobbler: fragmented OS9Boot support (Robert Gault)
> - Deblocking IDE driver (David Ladd)
> - Optional timeout for Becker port (David Ladd)
> - brainfuck interpreter (Boisy Pitre)
> - grfdrv line drawing improvements (Robert Gault)
> - sierra text rectangle fix (Guillaume Major)
> - Build with lwtools 4.12 (William Astle)
> - Various build/makefile cleanups (Gene Heskett, Tormod Volden)
> (please let me know if something significant is missing or wrong in
> the changelog)
> There are a couple of issues in the bug and feature trackers at
> https://sourceforge.net/p/nitros9/bugs/ targeted for 3.3.1.
> If you have any small fixes that should be included, let me know. At
> this point no new features or larger changes should be committed
> before 3.3.1 has been released. Note it might take some weeks before
> this will happen.
> Best regards,
> Tormod

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