[Coco] More sneak peeks

RETRO Innovations go4retro at go4retro.com
Fri Jul 22 01:23:08 EDT 2016

On 7/20/2016 9:28 PM, Brett Gordon wrote:
> I'm good with just i/o space registers.  I dunno where... does 0xff40 -
> 0xff4f sound good?  Let it obey the mpi?  Maybe hook the irq up just in
> case.
It'll obey the MPI, but 40-4f is FDC space, I think.  50-5f is IDE 
space, not sure what else is where off top of head.

I'll put it there for now (MPI would keep FDC and NIC separate, but MPI 
can't help IDE and NIC conflicts, because Glenside design hard decoded 
the entire 16 byte space at 5x and does not obey the MPI :-(


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