[Coco] VCC hdbdw3bc3.rom files

Nick Marentes nickma at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jul 8 03:55:32 EDT 2016

On 8/07/2016 9:03 AM, Bill Pierce via Coco wrote:
> And for the record, despite Nick's claims that the Vcc installation has been "os9-a-fied", there is NOTHING to do with OS9 or NitrOS9 in the Vcc install package.

You've missed my point.

  It installs a standard Coco 3 with 6809 CPU, 128k of memory, no MPI, 
no carts and starts up in SECB just like the Coco 3 you would've bought 
from Radio Shack.

Yes,VCC always did this.

> I doubt Nick has even tried to install it since Vcc has yet to be fixed to properly use his split screen scrolling (it's in the works).

You sure about that?

The only thing that even pertains to OS9 is the preset versions of 
hdbdos which are included, but not mounted (as you have seen) and 
explained thoroughly in the Vcc manual and the ONLY reason they were 
included was due to Nick's very own compaints (on FB) that he didn't 
know what HDBDOS rom should be used for what.

I can't recall those "complaints" but whatever, you know best.

> Bill Pierce

I was just thinking of the newbies and novices who may not know what 
Drivewire, Becker Ports, HDBDOS and VHD's are.
(Teaches me to make suggestions doesn't it?!)    :)


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