[Coco] VCC configuration discussion

Barry Nelson barry.nelson at amobiledevice.com
Thu Jul 7 19:14:58 EDT 2016

 I would have to say that I found the current state of the VCC documentation confusing as well. I also think that the complexity and number of steps could be reduced. I noticed that there is a selection on the VCC menu for RSDOS, RGBDOS and other. Why not add an entry for DriveWire HDBDOS? Something like:
DriveWire HDBDOS
This entry should be disabled until the becker port dll is loaded. When the dll is loaded and the HDBDOS rom is selected, have that activate an option for the disk offset to be entered, and have it patch the rom with the entered disk offset after it loads it. I don't think an option is really needed for the speed poked rom, there are other ways to speed up a VCC emulated CoCo, but if it is needed I guess that could be added. You can still leave the option for "other" so a custom disk rom could be loaded. Another idea would be to have prebuilt ini files already configured with common defaults that could be selected and loaded. In addition to making the configuration more user friendly, updated documentation is needed, both for VCC and DriveWire. I have been meaning to write something myself but other priorities have temporarily gotten in the way. What does everyone here think? Which option or combination of options makes the most sense? Personally I rarely use the DriveWire support in VCC, although I have setup it up and gotten it running, I find it cumbersome to have to start up the DriveWire server whenever I want to run VCC, so I usually use RGBDOS and the local vhd file with VCC. That way I only need to startup one program. I do lose support for the virtual serial port under OS9/NitrOS9 though, but I would rather have a rs232.dll that emulated a rs232 pak with a modem attached. The "modem" could "dial" ip addresses and ports like DriveWire does.

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