[Coco] Demo of EARS voice recognition for the CoCo

Robert Hermanek rhermanek at centurytel.net
Thu Jul 7 09:40:08 EDT 2016

Great video, thanks!  I would be interested in where you found the EARS 
original software.  Also I have an EARS cartridge, actually bought it 
myself a hundred years ago... but the headset was lost somewhere.  And 
your video confirms what I feared -- the headset is proprietary.  I do 
not have the electronics know-how to figure out how an adapter could be 
built that converts a modern two-plug headset/mic combo into what EARS 
expects... if anyone wanted to tackle that, I'd be interested.  Also, if 
anyone out there has an EARS headset and no cartridge, I'd be looking to 
take it off your hands...


On 7/6/2016 2:32 PM, mike at borncoco.com wrote:
> For any one interested, I just uploaded a demo of Speech Systems EARS voice recognition system to YouTube. Just search "EARS color computer" or use this link [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBVq3YzcKAo ]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBVq3YzcKAo )
> Cheers,
> -Mike

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