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Nick, why not have VCC install as a standard "off the shelf" 128k Coco 3 with no extras (6809, 89mhz, ECB & SECB, no MPI, no disk controller, etc), just like you bought it in Radio Shack in 1986?....

Guess what?....

IT IS!!!

It is left up to the user to add more memory, 6309, MPI, diskcontroller, HD interface, Orchestra90 etc.
When the disk controller is loaded (by user's choice), it DEFAULTS to RSDOS. Any changes or upgrades are done by the user.

The other roms are included in the VCC installation as an extra for those who want to start using dw4 right away and don't want to have to go to one place for the roms, another for the manual another for the emulator. And since there is confusion of the naming of the HDBDOS roms at the toolshed distro, only the roms needed for VCC are include in the package, but not setup in the emulation. The instructions for setting up the roms is in the new Vcc manual (included in the installation and on the website) as well as links to the sites need to upgrade anything that may be out of date (nothing is).
I was originally going to include the Coco 3 manuals as well as the HDBDOS manual (I still may), but it made the download too large. I left that to my "Starter Kits" instead (which are a different beast altogether, and no, they're not standard and never will be).

Until there is a "standard" place to get what's needed without having to search through 5 or 6 obscure websites, I will continue to provide everything needed to get going whether you want standard RSDOS, HDBDOS, or RGBDOS, all of which Vcc is designed for and with the exception of HDBDOS, has been included with Vcc since about version 1.40 long before I became involved. HDBDos was included for completeness since the new Vcc supports the becker port & dw4. I also included the HDBLBA.ROM for the "superIDE.dll" which is also included with Vcc as well as the Orchestra 90 rom for the "orc90.dll". Originally, the roms were built into Vcc (including RGBDOS), but Joe (original author) wanted them removed from the program code for copyright reasons (including ECB & SECB), so they are now loaded dynamically on startup0 and when the carts are loaded. If the roms are not present in the installation, Vcc will error and inform you there are no roms and shut down.

Of course, we could just do it like Mess and tell you to find your own roms....

The OP just wanted to know which HDBDOS rom should be used (which they loaded themselves and which IS explained in the VCC manual), so I answered. The same question would have been asked had they been directed to the toolshed site for the roms but with even more confusion due to the 53 roms, bins and wavs created there for various setups and only 3 of which can be used for Vcc.

For that matter, not every user wants disk controller. Some users never owned one. I am just responsible for what is included in the installation package... not what the users do with it.

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A suggestion...Why not have VCC packaged and designed to run as a standard disk based system with just the standard ROMS included? This will make it easier for novices and newcomers to get up to speed.The additional ROMS and multitude VHD configurations can be on the official VCC website (with official VCC release version) for experts to download. These can then be categorized and documented clearly on the website without the need to understand cryptic filenames or have to read additional document files. (Who reads manuals right?)It's all about user friendliness. Let's not "OS9'ify" a great emulator and keep an easy to use system...easy.This I feel satisfies both novices and experts alike.NickOn 7/07/2016 3:44 AM, Salvador Garcia via Coco wrote:> Hi all,>> Motivated by CoCoFEST and Steve's emulator videos I went ahead and installed VCC 2.01 with Drivewire 4 (using DECB). All went well and I am documenting what I have done; however, I have a question. When setting up the Becker port I need to select an external ROM within the FD-502 floppy controller configuration.>> When looking at the files included with VCC I see four similar ROM files for HDBDW:>> hdbdw3bc3.rom>> hdbdw3bck.rom>> hdbdw3bck w-offset 5A000.rom>> hdbdw3bc3 w-offset 5A000.rom>>> From the documentation that I found, it seems that those with the 5A000 offset are for use with NitrOS9 and those without it are for DECB. Further, those ending with bck are for the COCO 1 and 2 while those ending with b3 are for the CoCo 3. Is this correct? Thanks all! Salvador>>-- Coco mailing listCoco at maltedmedia.comhttps://pairlist5.pair.net/mailman/listinfo/coco

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