[Coco] Found lots of Coco Tapes...

Al Hartman alhartman6 at verizon.net
Sat Jul 2 18:00:07 EDT 2016

I found my old Coco Tapes! A quick list of what I found (from memory) were:

Spectrum Voice Pak Software (3 tapes)
Term-Talk for the Spectrum Voice Pak

Charit for the Green Mountain Lowerkit

Several light pen tapes

Micro-Term for the MC-10

Trek-Trek game

Lots of Dragon software (can't remember names)

Edtasm on tape (think this is already in the library)

Disk to tape

Tape Copy Program

...and a few more I can't remember...

Any suggestions regarding the easiest way to get these tapes into files the Coco users can use?

Anyone live near Keansburg, NJ who might want to come and help me transfer all of these to a Coco Disk, or a Virtual Disk on an emulator for uploading?

I think I have everything we'd need.

-[ Al ]-

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